Quality of Design

“Designing a kitchen or bathroom is more than simply choosing colours and materials, or where to put your appliances and power points, it’s something that takes some experience to truly get things right.”

All of our clients are different. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their needs for both now, and in the future. From the first homebuyer who is on a strict budget, to those building palatial homes and commercial businesses, we endeavor to get to know the functional requirements of our clients and how these can be optimised. During your free design consultation, our design consultant will help to put your ideas and visions into a plan of action and, if necessary, provide you with expert suggestions regarding the overall layout of your cabinetry items, the suitability of materials, and any other design issues that you may have, so as to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing custom built cabinet(s) for you and your home / office.

Following your free design consultation, our consultant will then follow up your meeting with a FREE COLOUR 3-D ILLUSTRATION* of your proposed cabinetry work, in your selected colours, so that you can visually experience the layout and configuration of your cabinets before construction commences.

* Kitchens Only